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DCSDKA Family Turtles


For Ages 3-7 and Their Parents

Learn Martial Arts in a safe and stress free environment designed for children.

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DC Self Defense Karate Association Kids


For Ages 8-12 and Their Parents

Classes designed for the physical development and mental capabilities of younger children.

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DC Self Defense Karate Association Teens

Martial Arts for
Teens and Adults

Improve Flexibility, Core Strength, and Endurance

A self-defense system that has real life applications as well as helps manage stress.

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Extremely rewarding!

My experiences growing up at DCSDKA show in my love and respect for martial arts and artists, the consciousness I bring to my training, the interactions I have with others, and the way I carry myself through the world. The members of DCSDKA are like family, and I have profound respect and gratitude for Sensei, who built (and is continually building) this community.

Black Belt

Impressed with the Instructors

Since starting at DCSDKA years ago, I've learned a wide variety of karate and self-defense techniques and improved my physical fitness. At the school I can pursue a demanding goal in a supportive environment with teachers who encourage me- but also set high expectations. As a result when I succeed I have accomplished something significant and my self-esteem is given a real boost and not a false one. The school has connected me to the best traditions of martial arts. This connection has meant a great deal to me because I'm learning something of time-tested value

Blue Belt

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Self Defense School

Message from Carol Middleton, DC Self Defense Director

Dear Families of Metropolitan Washington DC, YOU are the reason for our existence, and we welcome you to our family at DC Self Defense Karate Association! DCSDKA is a non-profit 501-c-3 tax-exempt school (“dojo”) at 5123 Georgia Avenue NW. We love to help you stay safe, gain tremendous fitness, learn the lessons of self-defense on multiple levels, and “get it” how the martial arts transforms you from the inside out. Join us for self-development, discipline for adults and kids alike, focus and respect, all of which will improve your life now and into the future. Come, make friends, have fun, and be transformed!

Health and Happiness

With so many negative influences and stresses around us, many of us gain weight, fry our brains on too much screen time, fear violence or bristle at lack of control over our lives. Here at DC Self Defense Karate Association, you work out hard and can become ultra-fit, yet you relax and feel at peace with yourself and your world. You find respect and yet are challenged to go beyond your perceived limits. You talk about healthy eating, thinking, action and how to help others, and yet you’re ready to use massive personal power to face life’s many challenges. You gain inner calm and yet a fierce toughness to stand up to aggression, peer pressure, bullies and your own negative thoughts and self-doubts. You become more serious, committed to your goals and capable of giving 100% to your endeavors, including the martial arts and beyond. You and your children rise to the highest level of cooperation and compassion while learning the skills to lead others in a powerful and confident way. All of this adds up to a healthier you in mind, body and spirit. Then Happiness comes naturally.

Get the Power

What better advantage can you give yourself or your child than to have real dominion over yourself? The power to shape good habits. The focus to get things done and achieve goals. The emotional discipline and positive mindset to get along with others and live in “win-win,” to feel empowered in life and not in a battle against life. THIS is the power of the martial arts as taught at DC Self Defense Karate. We first learn power over our bodies and outer affects. Then we and our children learn to discipline our minds to achieve goals, create healthy habits, and help others. Plus we learn leadership. The power can be yours–you’ll love it!
Grandmaster Carol Middleton, 7th degree Black Belt

Martial Arts: Exercise and Emotional Improvement

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Endurance Training With Martial Arts

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy. However, there are different kinds of exercises and doing all of them is the best way to gain maximum benefit. Generally, there are 4 categories of exercise that a karate school will focus on. These include: Strength Balance Flexibility Endurance Unfortunately, a lot of people, especially men, […]

Be Prepared With Self-Defense Training

It’s a scary world out there. Every night the news is full of stories of people hurting others. So you decide you should protect yourself and your family. When it comes to self-defense, you really need to consider a few things. First of all, what is the level of force you are comfortable using? Forget […]

Staying Fit With Martial Arts

“I’m not in shape” is the most common excuse heard from potential adult students of the martial arts. This seems like a valid statement, until you consider that you will never be in “shape” until you undertake a program or plan of action that starts your fitness journey. Consider that fact that while you contemplate […]