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(D.A. Peterson/For The Washington Post)
(D.A. Peterson/For The Washington Post)

GrandMaster Carol Middleton’s specialties are all reflected in our school–

Kids: certified in KidPower, she loves teaching those kiddos, and sharing KP safety training with all our Turtles.

Self Defense: a pioneer in Women’s Self Defense in the U.S., Europe and Africa since 1971, she brought what she found best to DC IMPACT full-contact scenario-based self defense here in 1988. It is now a part of DC Self Defense Karate Association.

Krav Maga: Krav Maga, the Israeli Defense Forces’ official self-defense system, is now available at the DC Self Defense facility in Washington, DC.

Her academic background in Exercise Physiology informs all our fitness work, and we do prize fitness!

Traditional Tae Kwon Do: a 7th degree Black Belt, her passion for TKD only increases with every family and individual she sees transformed by the magic of the martial arts.

Teaching technique: we take it seriously and you’ll know that when you see our instructors.