Extremely rewarding!

My experiences growing up at DCSDKA show in my love and respect for martial arts and artists, the consciousness I bring to my training, the interactions I have with others, and the way I carry myself through the world. The members of DCSDKA are like family, and I have profound respect and gratitude for Sensei, who built (and is continually building) this community.

Black Belt

Karate Classes Gave My Son Confidence

In my 33 years studying martial arts I have never come across a school with a curriculum that so well balances traditional martial arts practice with real world skills. And I don't mean fighting skills, but the skills of civil discourse and conflict resolution that can help any person get through their day and their life in a more productive and healthy way. A big part of this is the strength and supportive nature of the community within the school. In the case of my child, the positive atmosphere that prevails and the support and encouragement from his peers exceeds what he gets anywhere else in his life. Naturally, he loves coming to class and he loves everything he learns there, from how to throw a round kick to the right way to speak to his teachers and friends at school.

Proud Father

Impressed with the Instructors

Since starting at DCSDKA years ago, I've learned a wide variety of karate and self-defense techniques and improved my physical fitness. At the school I can pursue a demanding goal in a supportive environment with teachers who encourage me- but also set high expectations. As a result when I succeed I have accomplished something significant and my self-esteem is given a real boost and not a false one. The school has connected me to the best traditions of martial arts. This connection has meant a great deal to me because I'm learning something of time-tested value

Black Belt

My kids have gained so much from being part of DCSDKA

I first brought my kids to DCSDKA when they were 5 and 7 and three years later the school is part of our lives and will be for a long time. My kids have gained so much from being part of DCSDKA. Not only are they strong, fit and flexible, they are part of a real community, with teachers and fellow students who care about their development and value who they are and what they will become. Not only do they get excellent instruction, they feel part of something larger then themselves. They get to watch other kids and adults work hard and make progress. They get to experience a great sense of accomplishment themselves when they stick with the program and move up levels.
Do my kids sometimes complain about going to class? Yes! I’ve even had to drag them kicking and screaming. But they are always glad they went and it's been worth it on so many levels. Its helped them have a sense of purpose and shown them the value of persistence and hard work in a tangible way. It's one of the most important investments we’ve made in our children’s physical and ethical development. I would highly recommend DCSDKA to other families.

Mother of 8 and 10 year old